Democrats Boycotting Inauguration? No One Cares.

Michael B. Musgrove
3 min readJan 15, 2017

In yet another act of adolescent idiocy along with their sit-ins, celebrity worship and more pointless boycotts, a few career politicians who are Democrats have decided to make a point, which no one will care about, of skipping Trump’s inauguration. As if.

These people think everything they do is political. Everything. The affirmative-action clown Barbara Lee from CA says she isn’t going simply because of what Trump said about not letting extreme islamic terrorists into the US, and building a wall. Note: he hasn’t become president yet, and nothing has been done with regards to these things. Simply what he said is keeping her away. Impressive! (On Trump’s part. That’s some power.)

Another said she didn’t want to offend her LGBT constituency. I have some news for liberals: Hillary, Obama and other Democrats were the ones that sided with Islam over gays. Remember Orlando? A lot of liberal gays obviously do not. Because 50 people randomly and nightmarishly assassinated in a gay nightclub because they just might be gay is easy to forget when you’re gay, I guess?

Trump hasn’t said anything or ever made, especially like the Dems did in Orlando, a statement that he’s anti-LGBT or put them in a lower position than murderous foreigners with no morals at all. Democrats did quite blatantly, and still do, to anyone that lives in reality. If this doesn’t illustrate the general intentional ignorance of the left, I don’t know what does.

I pointed this fact out to a friend of mine’s boyfriend, both gay, and he promptly blew a fuse, defriended me on all social networks, and recoiled back into his gay hidey-hole to disassociate with me forever. That’s the typical response, I’ve found, which bothers me none, other than having such people able to vote and roam freely about. He couldn’t deny it, was the frustration, and I imagine being a gay man supporting a political party and politicians that don’t give a crap about you is frustrating. Some of these California Dems I know will fight to the virtual death for liberalism. Which usually takes a matter of minutes I’ve found.

So liberals plan to whine, boycott and cry about this administration for a while. No one’s heard from Black Lives Matter since the election, which should make you think, and most of the complaining and arson and rioting and assaults are beginning to subside. Quite a group to associate with, I must say.

Hopefully after Jan 20 we won’t hear much from the left for at least 8 years. I’m not holding my breath, however. Partisanship and throwing up obstacles every chance possible is their plan. Oh, and then to blame Trump, who I have a feeling won’t take any of it lightly.

UPDATE: A few more people have joined these winners.

I have a feeling one day we’re going to see the word “indicted” after some of these folks’ names one day. Lacy Clay: I’m looking at you.



Michael B. Musgrove

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